Personal Training

We offer one-on-one and group training.

Customize your training programs to achieve success

Strength Training
Free weights, Bands, Martial Arts Kicks, Floor Work
Power Walking, Jogging, Running, Windsprints, Timed Runs, Boxing, Agility Drills
Flexibility & Stretching
Basic Yoga Stretches, Martial Arts Stretching, Partner Stretching, Isolated Stretching
Core Work
Abdominal Strengthening on the floor and standing up, Glute Work, Hip Work
Natural Nutritional Consulting/Healthy Eating
Kathy's coaching and consulting is based on the book "Fit for Life" and Naturopath, Dr. Jim Sharps in Columbia, Md. Kathy will help you transform your eating, drinking and food combining in a natural way that will give you more energy, a release of weight and inches and help you with long term healthy eating. Kathy does not believe in diets, short term weight loss, or quick fixes. Kathy is a Representative for Juice Plus, which complements living a Natural lifestyle. Please check out her website
Completing Your Past with Your Health & Fitness History
You will go through a 2- 3 hour session with Kathy where you look seriously how your past history is contributing to your present Health & Fitness situation. Once the past is complete, you will create and design your vision for the future and your Health & Fitness. This is the most critical part of your one-on-one personal training experience. You cannot take on new actions and have new results without Completing your Past and Creating a Vision for the future that inspires you to become "Fit for Life."