Sally Yasenka
"Working with Kathy over the last 3 years has been a blessing to me and my family. Kathy has been working with my teenager to not only develop her competitive edge in the ice skating world, but to give her the tools to succeed in life. Watching a teenager grow up in a competitive environment can be an exhausting challenge for a parent. Kathy not only guides my daughter through this process but gives me the tools to support her and leaves me with the peace of mind we all need as parents. It is a total package starting with the proper nutrition, exercise, and creating a vision, which all has lead to success. The icing on the cake is that we all have fun along the way."

Marni Rosenbaum

"I have used Kathy's Fitness Training for both personally and professionally. Kathy helps you to greatly increase your endurance and speed with many different workouts. It is hard work, but well worth the results. You leave camp in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. She helps you with both the fitness and nutritional components of wellness."

Donna Timlin
"This summer Kathy and I decided it was my turn to step up to the plate and that is exactly what happened. Starting in the very beginning of July, we put together my vision and goals and a plan to achieve them, which included nutrition and exercise. This has been life changing for me as my "weight" issue had become a 5 year problem and I wanted to get back to the old me and it is happening now. In 16 weeks I have lost 32 pounds and over 11 inches! I exercise every day and my eating habits are back on track. This is amazing from a physical sense but mentally is very empowering. My family and friends are proud and supportive. While I still have much to do, I know with Kathy's continued guidance and one on one training, it will not be long before I achieve the goals set. THANK YOU Kathy, YOU ARE INSPIRING and the only "thing" that works as the real deal! My whole family is hooked on our lifestyle changes!"
Hannah Robinson
"Kathy Grad's fitness camps have helped me so much over the years. I was always the slowest on the field hockey team and now I'm running with the fast girls and it feels great! I used to be afraid of running and Kathy has taught me to always keep postive conversations and if I set my mind to it, I can do it. She's helped our entire field hockey team learn to be postive team players. When we work together we can beat anyone!"

Nadia Herron
"I first began personal training with Kathy in the summer of 2006 at the age of 25. I was 75 pounds overweight and had unhealthy ideas about proper diet and exercise. Kathy began each of my sessions with motivational words and a vision for the future. Her positive attitude, upbeat personality and “no excuse” approach helped transform my mind, body and spirit.

When I became pregnant in the fall of 2006, Kathy assured me that I should not treat my pregnancy as a handicap—my mission was still possible! I spent the next 8 months of my pregnancy jogging and gaining muscle. Going into the delivery room the following May (only 10 pounds heavier than I began) I was both physically and mentally strong. My daughter was born, healthy and alert, in a matter of minutes! Her training has taught me life long lessons of self discovery and commitment. I continue to use these values and will pass them on to my daughter."
Pat Andrews
"I signed up for my first personal training sessions back in October and remember saying I wish I could lose 20 pounds before I went on vacation to London for the holidays. To my surprise, Kathy’s response was “…you CAN do it!” I felt if a total stranger can believe in me, then why can’t I believe in myself?

Kathy is AWESOME! Her drive, energy, inspiration, motivation, and constant encouragement kept me committed. With Kathy’s help, we came up with a theme for me: “Anything is possible”. Having lost 25 pounds in approx. 3 months, I am now convinced that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and feel like the sky is the limit! Thank you for helping me believe in myself. You are truly amazing and I regard you as my role model. Keep up the great work and stay…FIT FOR LIFE!!!"